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Aleuritopteris (1 Abstract)
ancestral state (1 Abstract)
Cheilanthoid ferns (1 Abstract)
cheilanthoids (1 Abstract)
Evo-devo (1 Abstract)
evolution (1 Abstract)
fern phylogeny (2 Abstracts)
Ferns (1 Abstract)
hemionitid (1 Abstract)
Hybridization (1 Abstract)
Isoetes (1 Abstract)
Leaf evolution and development (1 Abstract)
low-copy nuclear genes (2 Abstracts)
lycophyte (1 Abstract)
notholaenids (1 Abstract)
parallel tagged amplicon sequencing (1 Abstract)
phylogeny (1 Abstract)
Pteridaceae (1 Abstract)
target capture sequencing (1 Abstract)

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