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Monday, June 26th

Monday, June 26th, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm · Exhibit Hall/Omni Hotel
Session P: Contributed Posters: Hybrids and Hybrization
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PHH001June 26th 5:30 pmExhibit Hall/Omni HotelHybridization and gene flow among tomatillo (Physalis) species in the Southwestern Region of North America
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Poster: Hybrids and HybridizationPretz, Chelsea; Smith, Stacey .Physalis
mechanisms of gene flow

Tuesday, June 27th

Tuesday, June 27th, 8:30 am to 10:15 am · Sundance 1/Omni Hotel
Session 22: Contributed Papers: Hybrids and Hybridization
Presiding: Daniel Potter, University Of California Davis
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22001June 27th 8:30 amSundance 1/Omni HotelFlower scent as a potential reproductive barrier in a Hawaiian plant lineage
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Oral PaperPowers, John; Sakai, Ann; Weller, Stephen; Campbell, Diane.Hybridization
Floral volatiles
22002June 27th 8:45 amSundance 1/Omni HotelClarifying the Conservation Status of Northern California Black Walnut (Juglans hindsii) Using Microsatellite Markers
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Oral PaperPotter, Daniel; Dangl, Gerald; Bartosh, Heath; Bittman, Roxanne; Preece, John.Hybridization
species distributions
native species
22003June 27th 9:00 amSundance 1/Omni HotelThe assessment of interspecific hybridization between Baptisia arachnifera and Baptisia lecontei using Sequence-Related Amplified Polymorphism (SRAP) markers
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Oral PaperHankins, Kayla; Brenek, Austin; Randle, Christopher P.; Pascarella, John.Baptisia
Sequence Related Amplified Polymorphism
22004June 27th 9:15 amSundance 1/Omni HotelThe transcriptomic drivers of ecological divergence after recurrent allopolyploidization in Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae)
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Oral PaperWolfe, Thomas; Francisco, Balao Robles; Emiliano Trucchi, Trucchi; Maite, Lorenzo; Juliane, Baar; Ovidiu, Paun.Polyploidy
Differential gene expression
Homeolog expression bias
Expression level dominance
22005June 27th 9:30 amSundance 1/Omni HotelFloral color differences in Nicotiana allopolyploids: the genetic and biochemical basis
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Oral PaperMcCarthy, Elizabeth; Berardi, Andrea; Lawhorn, Amber; Kurti, Amelda; Giovannoni, James; Smith, Stacey; LITT, AMY.anthocyanins
floral color
June 27th 9:45 amSundance 1/Omni HotelBreak
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