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Tuesday, June 27th

Tuesday, June 27th
8:30 am to 9:45 am · Fort Worth Ballroom 1/Omni Hotel
Session 21: Contributed Papers: Tropical Biology
Presiding: Maria S. Vorontsova, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Carlos Jose Pasiche Lisboa, University of Manitoba
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21001June 27th 8:30 amElevation and historical events shape moss community traits and functional diversity in Puerto Rico
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Tropical BiologyPaperPasiche Lisboa, Carlos Jose; Hulshof, Catherine M.; Sastre-De Jesus, Ines.moss
funtional diversity
community assemblage
Puerto Rico
Functional traits
21002June 27th 8:45 amThe Grasses and Grasslands of Madagascar: a multidisciplinary Investigation
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Tropical BiologyPaperVorontsova, Maria S.; Nanjarisoa, Olinirina P.; Hackel, Jan; Besnard, Guillaume; Linder, Peter.Africa
Phylogenetic Diversity
Indian Ocean
new species
land use
21003June 27th 9:00 amFruiting phenology pattern in a dry forest of Hispaniola Island, Greater Antilles
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Tropical BiologyPaperSalazar, Jackeline; Ortega-Tibrey, Yolaine; Mateo, Amelia; Guzman, Rosanna; Leon, Yolanda; Feliz, Gerson; Nolasco, Yeimi; Carlo, Tomas.Dry forest
climate change
West Indies
Zoochorous plants
Seed traps
21004June 27th 9:15 amPlaying the taxonomic cupid: Matching incomplete species of Clusia (Clusiaceae)
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Tropical BiologyPaperLujan, Manuel A.Clusia
21005June 27th 9:30 amPlant species richness and community composition along an elevation gradient on an isolated cloud forest volcano
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Tropical BiologyPaperMarsico, Travis; Berríos, Hazel; Coronado, Indiana.Dry forest
cloud forest
montane forest
species richness
Tuesday, June 27th
10:15 am to 11:00 am · Fort Worth Ballroom 1/Omni Hotel
Session M24: Meeting: Tropical Biology Business Meeting
Presiding: MARGARET S DEVALL, U.S. Forest Service
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June 27th 10:15 amTropical Biology Business Meeting
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Tropical Biology

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