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Population Genetics/Genomics

Jinga, Percy [1], Ashley, Mary V. [2].

Elevation between Afzelia quanzensis (pod mahogany) populations in Zimbabwe promotes genetic differentiation.

Background and Aims
Mountain ranges may isolate plant populations, and allow genetic drift and natural selection to act at a local level. The Kalahari-Zimbabwe (KZ) axis is a mountain range that developed across the middle part of Zimbawe. Low altitude plant species, such as Afzelia quanzensis, are separated into northern and southern distributions by the KZ axis. The aims of this study were to determine genetic structure of A. quanzensis, an economically important tree species in sub-Saharan Africa, and to identify whether the KZ axis is a barrier to gene flow.
Ten microsatellite loci were used to genotype 192 samples of A. quanzensis collected from nine sites. Population differentiation statistics, FST, G'ST, GST, and DJOST, were estimated. Bayesian cluster analysis and PCA were used to detect distinct gene pools, while a Monmonier's function was used to identify genetic barriers. Approximate Bayesian computation was used to determine time since divergence of distinct gene pools.
Key Results
Significant genetic differentiation was observed; FST = 0.0936, G'ST = 0.1982, GST = 0.1001, DJOST = 0.0598. Bayesian cluster analysis and PCA identified two gene pools, one made up of southern individuals, amd the other of northern individuals. A genetic barrier coincided with the KZ axis. The gene pools started to diverge more than 120 000 years ago.
The KZ axis is a genetic barrier between A. quanzensis populations. Local genetic resource management programs should take into consideration the existence of the different gene pools in order to capture all the extant genetic variation.

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1 - University of Illinois at Chicago, Biological Sciences Department, 845 W. Taylor St., Chicago, IL, USA
2 - University Of Illinois At Chicago, 845 W. Taylor St., Chicago, IL, 60607, USA

Afzelia quanzensis
gene flow
genetic barrier
Kalahari-Zimbabwe axis
population structure.

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