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Hodge, John [1], Li, Qing [1], Doust, Andrew [1].

Landmark-based semi-automated phenotyping for developmental traits.

Screening phenotypes across development can provide key insights into subtledifferences between morphological regulators. This is especially true for labile traits thatmay shift either in response to physiological stress or perceived changes in theenvironment. With this issue in mind an image analysis pipeline based around ouralgorithm, Acute, was developed using time series image data for quantifying patterns ofgrowth based on pseudolandmarks. This method for identifying, extracting, and linkingpseudolandmarks has broad applications for measuring plant stature and architecturebetween different genotypes, including mutants that may have subtle developmentaldefects. It will also be useful for characterizing large crossing populations. Tests havebeen performed on a subset of recombinant inbred lines selected from a Setaria italica (foxtail millet) X S. viridis (green foxtail) mapping population, particularly focusing onpseudolandmarks associated with axillary branch outgrowth and elongation. Deviationsin plant growth were characterized with greater temporal resolution and less subjectivitythan manual measurements. This variation could be attributed to differences in lateralbranch outgrowth and elongation of the main culm. Our method of high throughputphenotyping opens up possibilities for identifying subtle variations within populationsthat could otherwise be missed.

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1 - Oklahoma State University, Plant Biology, Ecology, and Evolution, 301 Physical Science, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 74078, USA

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Presentation Type: Recent Topics Poster
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Location: Exhibit Hall/Omni Hotel
Date: Monday, June 26th, 2017
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PRT008
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