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Cetlová, Veronika [1], Šlenker, Marek [1], Melichárková, Andrea [1], Zozomová, Judita [1], Marhold, Karol [1], Španiel, Stanislav [1].

Phylogenetic relationships among annual species of Alyssum (Brassicaceae): origin of putative allopolyploid A. siculum.

In the recently published taxonomical concept of the tribe Alysseae, three genera (Cuprella, Meniocus and Odontarrhena) were separated from the genus Alyssum. The genus Alyssum comprises 114 species, including 27 annual herbs from the sections A. sect. Alyssum and A. sect. Psilonema. The segregation of these two sections is not supported by molecular markers used in recent studies. Most annual species (except A. dasycarpum) belong to common clade with the perennial Alyssum montanum-A. repens complex. Annual Alyssum dasycarpum and remaining species of Alyssum form another clade comprising mostly the perennials of A. sect. Gamosepalum. To resolve evolutionary history and phylogenetic relationships of annual species of the genus, it is necessary to employ other molecular markers and to examine samples from wider geographical area. Native distribution of annual species of Alyssum is predominantly in Eurasia with the centre of diversity in southern Europe and SW Asia. Few of them were introduced to other continents. Five ploidy levels were reported for the annual species: diploids, tetraploids and rare triploids, hexaploids and octoploids. The base chromosome number is x = 8 (exceptionally x = 7 in A. umbellatum). In our studies, we are focusing on the origin of putative allohexaploid Alyssum siculum, phylogenetic relationships of its potential parents and other of the 15 known European annual species of the genus Alyssum. Our preliminary field sampling and ploidy level screening includes 193 population samples of eleven species from Apennine, Balkan and Iberian Peninsulas, Central Europe and Morocco. The first insight into the phylogeny and origin of annual A. siculum was done using ITS sequences of selected taxa. They comprise Balkan and Iberian samples of A. alyssoides, A. granatense, A. minutum, A. siculum and A. simplex.

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1 - Institute of Botany, Plant Science and Biodiversity Center, SAS, Dúbravská cesta 9, Bratislava, SK-84523, Slovakia

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