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Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid Eastman [1], Freyman, William [2], Cantley, Jason [3], Stoughton, Thomas [4], Tank, Dave [5], Hayes, Daniel [6], Koch, Marcus A. [7], Sharbel, Timothy [8], Martine, Christopher [9].

Alpine plants scoff at mountain valleys and migrate anyway.

Apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction in which seeds are formed without fertilization. Draba oligosperma Hook. (Brassicaceae) is a North American Cordilleran and predominantly apomictic species that was shown to produce sexual seed at a low-level (3%) throughout its geographic range. Previous phylogenetic analyses of Draba L. globally established that it is a young, hybridizing, polyploid, and highly diversifying genus of ~400 taxa. Here we provide an updated time-calibrated phylogeny with a portion of North American Cordilleran species using newly targeted intronic regions and present a hypothetical origin of D. oligosperma based on extensive population genetic sampling and ddRADtag sequencing. The migration patterns inferred from these data suggest lineages were isolated in the high mountains of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and spread east, north, and westward from there. This is one of the first large scale population-level studies that clarifies dispersal histories of lineages across the Intermountain region of the Great Basin from Nevada to the Sierra, Carson, and White ranges of California. Further exploration of the migration patterns of this species and the role of apomixis during population establishment will be discussed.

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1 - University of California Berkeley, University and Jepson Herbaria, 1001 Valley Life Science Building, Berkeley, CA, 94706, USA
2 - University of California Berkeley, University and Jepson Herbaria, 1001 Valley Life Sciences Building, Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA
3 - Bucknell University, Biology, 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA, 17837, USA
4 - Plymouth State University, Center for the Environment, 17 High Street, MSC 63, Samuel Read Hall 217, Plymouth, NH, 03264-1595, USA
5 - University Of Idaho, Peabody Museum Of Natural History, 875 Perimeter Dr MS 3051, Moscow, ID, 83844-3051, USA
6 - Bucknell University, Bucknell University, Biology Department, 1 Dent Drive, Lewisburg, PA, 17837, United States
7 - University of Heidelberg, Center for Organismal Studies, 345 Im Neuenheimer Feld, Heidelberg, Germany
8 - University of Saskatchewan, Seed and Developmental Biology, 110 Gymnasium Place, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 4J8, Canada
9 - Bucknell University, Biological Sciences, 203 Biology Building, Lewisburg, PA, 17837, USA

North America
population genetics

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 19, ASPT Cooley Awards
Location: Sundance 5/Omni Hotel
Date: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017
Time: 10:45 AM
Number: 19011
Abstract ID:511
Candidate for Awards:George R. Cooley Award

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