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Park, Seonjoo [1], Park, Veronica [2], Grusamy, Raman [1].

Molecular phylogeny and evolutionary analysis of the endemic species, Aster spathulifolius Maxim.

Aster spathulifolius Maxim, a member of the genus Aster in the family Asteraceae, is only distributed in coastal areas of Japan and Korea. However, the origin and evolution of A. spathulifolius from the Korean peninsula, Japan and islands of both Korea and Japan have not yet been analyzed; therefore, its intercontinental phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history are still uncertain. In this study, maximum likelihood (ML) and Bayesian methods were employed to analyze the chloroplast (cp) gene sequences of matK, ndhF, rbcL and rpoC1 of A. spathulifolius species, with ML used to infer ancestral areas and Bayesian dating to estimate the divergence times of the clades. Both the ML phylogenetic and molecular clock tree of the four cp gene sequences formed two well-defined clades that clearly showed plants from the mainland of both Korea and Japan formed one cluster and those from islands formed another. A. spathulifolius was estimated to have originated at 3.74 Mya (with a 95% highest posterior density interval (HPD) of 4.28–2.36 Mya). The estimated divergence time for mainland plants of both Korea and Japan was 2.26 Mya (95% HPD: 2.72 to 1.02 Mya), whereas it was 1.72 Mya (95% HPD: 2.56–1.02 Mya) for island plants. These results suggest that the plants moved from the continent to islands. Although, A. spathulifolius is might be originated from the southeastern coastal region of Korea. Overall, this study improves our understanding of the origin and evolution of A. spathulifolius.

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1 - Yeungnam University, Life Sciences, Daehakro 280, Gyeongsan-si, GB, 38541, South Korea, Gyeongsan-Si, GB, 38541, Republic of Korea
2 - Mcneil highschool, 5720 McNeil Drive, austin, Texas 78729, Austin, TX, 78729, USA

Aster spathulifolius
molecular systematics
Island Flora
cp genes.

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Date: Monday, June 26th, 2017
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