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Vatanparast, Mohammad [1], Powell, Adrian [2], Sherman-Broyles, Sue [2], Doyle, Jeff [2], Egan, Ashley N. [1].

Phylogenomics of the phaseoloid and millettioid legumes using a target enrichment approach.

The phaseoloid (ca. 2,070 species in 112 genera) and millettioid (ca. 1,100 species in 56 genera) legumes form a single large clade of the papilionoid subfamily and include various important crops such as soybean, common bean, cowpea, pigeon pea and winged bean. The majority of taxa in this clade correspond to the Phaseoleae sens. lat. and Millettieae sens. stric. groups; however, in spite of multiple molecular phylogenetic studies, relationships within this clade remain unresolved or with low statistical support, particularly along the backbone. To understand the evolutionary history of these legumes, we developed probes using 24 transcriptomes from this group as well as six outgroup legume genera. We used a target enrichment approach and obtained sequences for hundreds of genes and built phylogenetic trees encompassing phaseoloid and millettioid legumes. Our results reveal robust phylogenetic relationships of multiple clades and subclades within this group and provide well-supported phylogenetic evidence useful for classification within this important legume clade.

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1 - National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Department of Botany, MRC 166, P.O. Box 37012, Washington, DC, 20013-7012, USA
2 - Cornell University, 412 Mann Library Building, ITHACA, NY, 14853-4301, USA

Whole Genome Duplication

Presentation Type: Oral Paper
Session: 29, Phylogenomics I
Location: Fort Worth Ballroom 4/Omni Hotel
Date: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017
Time: 4:45 PM
Number: 29012
Abstract ID:397
Candidate for Awards:None

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