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Rodriguez, Kayla [1], Hayes, Chandler [1], Daniell, Anthony [1], Twanabasu, Bishnu [2], Sapkota, Jhapendra [3].

The Effects of Mix Cover Crops on Colonization of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.

Mycorrhizal fungi colonize roots of over 90% of all plants. This symbiotic fungus helps plants to absorb water and nutrients, primarily the phosphorus, and other immobile nutrients. Without mycorrhizal fungi, many plants would be missing out on some nutrients that make them grow larger and at a faster rate. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi colonize cortical tissues of the plant roots and increase the root depletion zone by extending their hyphae outside the roots. The hyphal extensions increase the surface area of plant root system by up to 1000X. In addition to the water and nutrient acquisition, fungi also help plants to deter plant pathogens and herbivores. The use of mycorrhizal fungi became popular recently in organic cropping systems to increase the yields; however, the effectiveness of the cover crops on the mycorrhizal fungi has rarely been explored. To study the mycorrhizal fungal response to cover crops, we planted a mix of wheat, oats, rye, rapeseed, Austrian winter pea and crimson clover on one of the cover crop plots at Weatherford College Carter Farm Research Station, Weatherford, TX in October, 2016. The experimental plots were used to grow winter wheat in the past and recently been invaded with Johnson grass. Rhizosphere soil cores were collected from the experimental plots to extract mycorrhizal spores and plant roots. Extracted spores and roots were processed and analyzed to quantify spore density and the level of mycorrhizal colonization respectively. 40.31±25.21 spores/dry soil and 41.79±15.32% mycorrhizal hyphal colonization were found at the plots before cover crops were planted. Increased crop yield following cover crops might be linked to the increased access to soil nutrients aided by mycorrhizal fungi. We expected the increased mycorrhizal fungi in the experimental plots after cover crops were planted. This study would help farmers to select type of cover crops to increase mycorrhizal fungi in agricultural lands for better crop yields. 

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1 - Weatherford College, 225 College Park Dr, Weatherford, TX, 76086, United States
2 - Weatherford College, Science, 225 College Park Dr, Weatherford, TX, 76086, United States
3 - Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, 74078, United States

Mycorrizhal Fungi
cover crop
crop yield.

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Date: Monday, June 26th, 2017
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