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Anatomy and Morphology

Chery, Joyce [1], Specht, Chelsea [2].

Evolution of Vascular Cambial Variants in Paullinia (Sapindaceae).

This study aims to investigate the evolution of vascular cambial variants in aphylogenetic context in the large neotropical genus of woody vines Paullinia(Sapindaceae). All ca. 220 members of this genus are woody climbers and present a‘normal’ simple wood type or one of the following vascular cambial variants: compound or corded as well as various undescribed variants. The compound and corded variants originate at different times during development however, they converge on the same phenotype and putatively function the same. This apparent parallel evolution raises the question of the evolution of development of these variant stem morphologies. Silica dried samples and herbarium specimens representing at least 89% of the species diversity and all stem morphologies will be sampled. A targeted enrichment approach using a custommade MiBaits of 500 bioinformatically selected nuclear loci will be carried out on a Illuminia HiSeq 4000 platform. Reads will be assembled and used to construct phylogenetic trees for the genus. All stem morphologies will be mapped on the phylogenetic tree to investigate the distribution and evolution of vascular cambial types. Statistical tests will be run to determine if phylogenetic signal, developmental trajectory or environmental constraints are important in the presence and phylogenetic distribution of variant stem morphologies. The objectives of this study are to 1) resolve the species level relationships in the speciose genus Paullinia; 2) Describe vascular cambial types in the genus that have not been formally characterized and explore the evolution of vascular cambial types on the phylogeny and; 3) determine the important associations with the presence and distribution of variants across the tree.

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1 - USA
2 - University Of California Berkeley, 111 Koshland Hall, MC 3102, Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA, 510-642-5601

vascular cambial variants
wood anatomy.

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