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Estrada-Ruiz, Emilio [1], Centeno, Naylet [2], Aguilar-Arellano, Felisa [3].

First record of Marsilea from the Olmos Formation (upper Campanian), Coahuila, Mexico.

The Olmos Formation (upper Campanian) has yielded a diverse flora represented by flowers, fruits, leaves, stems and wood of angiosperms, as well as gymnosperms and polypodiales. The taxonomic affinities of these records suggest the presence of a paratropical flora. Among of the material collected, there are some monilophytes, represented by ferns of aquatic forms such as Salvinia Ség. and Dorfiella Weber. Here we describe macrofossil leaves of the aquatic fern Marsilea L. (family Marsileaceae). This aquatic fern has leaves composed by four opposing leaflets of quadrifoliate form, these can be sessile or with a short petiolulate, base straight to cuneate; the apex can be obtuse and/or round; the margin is entire, towards apex is entire or crenate; the leaflet venation is dichotomizing with anastomoses to reticulate, the areoles are elongate lengthwise and fusiforms, with a marginal vein. The combination of these features supports the erection of a new species of Marsilea from the upper Campanian of northern Mexico. This report of Marsilea represent of oldest record to the genus worldwide and further supports other evidence suggesting that aquatic forms as Marsilea, Salvinia, Dorfiella, Pistia and Nelumbonaceae were an important element in the flora of the Olmos Formation.

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1 - Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Departamento de Zoología, Prolongación de Carpio y Plan de Ayala s/n,, Col. Santo Tomás, Ciudad de México, MX, 11340
2 - Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Prolongación de Carpio y Plan de Ayala s/n, Santo Tomás, Ciudad de México, MX, 11340
3 - Centro INAH Coahuila, Calle José María Morelos y Pavón 244, Zona Centro, Saltillo, CO, 25000

Aquatic fern
upper Campanian
Olmos Formation

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