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The Role of Boundaries in Plant Diversification

Friedman, Jannice [1].

Evolutionary divergence between annual and perennial life history strategies.

The timing of individuals’ growth, reproduction, and death are fundamental to their fitness and represent striking adaptive differentiation. In flowering plants, one of the main differences between annuals and perennials is the switch from vegetative growth to flowering. In annuals this transition occurs once and is followed by death, while perennials cycle repeatedly through vegetative and reproductive phases. Using a combination of field and controlled growth experiments we are identifying the key genetic and ecological differences between annuals and perennials within a single species, Mimulus guttatus. Using naturally occurring genetic variation, we are asking how seasonal variation in temperature and photoperiod contribute to the timing of germination, growth and flowering, and allocation to sexual and clonal reproduction. Using QTL mapping and quantitative genetic analyses, we have identified shared genetic pathways, and constraints on adaptive evolution due to genetic correlations between fitness components. Our research sheds light on how selection has shaped allocation strategies in annual and perennial populations, and how plants may continue to evolve as the relative benefits of sexual and clonal growth change.

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1 - Syracuse Univesrity, Department of Biology, 107 College Place, Syracuse, NEW YORK, 13244, United States

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Presentation Type: Symposium Presentation
Session: SY7, The Role of Boundaries in Plant Diversification - with Presentation of Pelton Award to Dr. Shirley Tucker
Location: Sundance 3/Omni Hotel
Date: Wednesday, June 28th, 2017
Time: 2:45 PM
Number: SY7004
Abstract ID:238
Candidate for Awards:None

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