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Kelly, Khadijah [1], Schenk, John J. [1].

Developing Next Generation Sequencing Tools to Resolve Relationships and Test for the Monophyly of the Mentzelia Section Bartonia Pinnatifid Group.

Recent phylogenetic and monographic studies have rectified many of the longstanding taxonomic issues that have obfuscated the species diversity of Mentzelia section Bartonia (Loasaceae). Despite these efforts, significant questions remain regarding species relationships, which can be attributed to the lack of genetic variation in molecular markers. One such group that remains unresolved is the pinnatifid mentzelias. We hypothesize this group to consist of Mentzelia conspicua, M. filifolia, M. holmgreniorum, M. laciniata, M. lagarosa, and M. sivinskii. The pinnatifid group shares similarities in multiple traits, including floral, fruit, seed surfaces, and pinnatifid leaves, and are distributed near the four corners regions, with a particular density of species near the Colorado/New Mexico border. Previous phylogenetic analyses recovered M. laciniata as sister to M. conspicua, but this clade, along with the other pinnatifid species, were recovered in a polytomy with 11 other species that differ in morphological traits and species distributions (e.g., M. multiflora and M. marginata). Our overarching aim is to develop next generation sequencing techniques to generate variable sequence data to resolve relationships among species in the polytomy, and then apply these tools to resolve additional relationships within Mentzelia. We implemented this study by using genome skimming to generate sequence data from the mitochondria, chloroplast, and nuclear ribosomal genes. The data will then be used to robustly resolve relationships among species of Mentzelia section Bartonia and to test the monophyly of the pinnatifid group.

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1 - Georgia Southern University, Department of Biology, 4324 Old Register Road, Biological Sciences Building, Statesboro, GA, 30458, United States

Genome skimming
next generation sequencing

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Session: P, Phylogenomics
Location: Exhibit Hall/Omni Hotel
Date: Monday, June 26th, 2017
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Number: PPH002
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