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Physiology & Ecophysiology

Vath, Richard [1], Hupp, Jason [1], Doug, Lynch [1].

Finding the floor: Comparison of portable photosynthesis systems for measurement of small fluxes.

Accurate measurement of plant physiological activity at near zero rates is limited by the capabilities of the instruments used to measure that activity. Chamber-based gas exchange systems, designed to quantify CO2 and H2O transport between the leaf and the atmosphere, are inherently limited in their resolution of low gas exchange rates by instrument electronic noise and the precision of chamber environmental control loops. Here, we compare the performance of the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System to the recently released LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System (LI-COR Inc., Lincoln, NE, USA), examining the individual system components and how those systems interact to impact the instruments’ limit of resolution. To demonstrate how these combined effects impact real measurements, continuous gas exchange measurements were performed on an Epipremnum sp. (Devil’s Ivy) under low-light conditions (photosynthetically active radiation of 21 umol m2 s-1 or less). At these light intensities, the plant is expected to operate near or below its light compensation point, greatly limiting the magnitude of the potential gas exchange signal that can be observed by an instrument. This work demonstrates the impact of instrument design on measurements of near zero rates and is particularly important in the context of quantifying parameters such as dark respiration, the light compensation point, or quantum yield.

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1 - LI-COR Biosciences, 4647 Superior St, Lincoln, Nebraska, 68504, United States

Gas exchange
Light compensation point.

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Date: Monday, June 26th, 2017
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