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758Vaccinium myrtillus L.: revisiting a taxonomic discrepancy using next generation sequencing techniques
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Lightning TalksBeeler, Reese; Sharples, Mathew T..Vaccinium myrtillus
530Valley oak seedlings show phenotypic plasticity in growth and architecture across two common gardens
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Conservation BiologyMacDonald, Brandon W.S.; Wright, Jessica W.; Gugger, Paul F.; Sork, Victoria L..Plasticity
Provenance study
Common garden
531Variation in gene expression and ecophysiological response to water stress in valley oak seedling populations
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Physiology & EcophysiologyMead, Alayna; Peņaloza Ramirez, Juan; Bartlett, Megan; Gugger, Paul F.; Wright, Jessica W.; Sack, Lawren; Sork, Victoria L..drought
Local adaptation
Variation in trait plasticity among Bornean tree species with contrasting ecological strategies
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Physiology & EcophysiologyRUSSO, SABRINA E; Chan, Ju Ping.Functional traits
Southeast Asia
Tropical forest
217Vascular flora and plant communities of riverscour habitats in Little River Canyon National Preserve, Cherokee and DeKalb Counties, Alabama
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EcologyIrick, Zach; John, Shelton; Estes, Dwayne.Plant community analysis
474Vascular Plant Extinction in North America north of Mexico; what have we lost and what can we learn?
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Big Data and the Conservation of North America's FloraKnapp, Wesley; Frances, Anne; Weakley, Alan; Naczi, Robert; Gann, George D.; Jackie, Poole; Baldwin, Bruce; John, Clark; Daniel, Gluesenkamp; Heidel, Bonnie; Kathryn, Kennedy; Patrick, McIntyre; James, Miller; Brent, Mishler; Gerry, Moore; Reed, Noss; Richard, Olmstead; Daniela, Roth; Jason, Singhurst; Anna, Strong.Extinction
areas of endemism
North America
359Vegetative-diversity and patterns of arthropod herbivory in one of the most botanically rich localities in western equatorial Pangea
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PaleobotanyKoll, Rebecca; DiMichele, William.Permian

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